Does sustainability have to be expensive?

We’re all trying our best to make conscious decisions with climate change in mind. From our shopping behavior to reusing items—it’s all in the backdrop of being a little kinder to our planet. But, does it have to come at a hefty price? We’ve all experienced this before. We try to make an eco-friendly decision and it looks as if it is the most expensive? Is that always true? I’m happy to report that it is changing rapidly. New products and services are bringing sustainability to the forefront and making it more accessible—affordable and easy to find. 

Here are a few easy ways to access and make sustainability a sustainable habit. 

  1. Ask yourself if the product or service is already in your home for you to reuse or upcycle.
  2. If not, and you’re in need to purchase—think gifting or some such, try using the power of Google search to find the best eco friendly alternative. Example: Best-priced wooden disposable silverware.
  3. Once you find it, spend some time finding a price that feels correct for you. 
  4. Use eco friendly packaging if given as an option, if not, ask the business to list it. 
  5. Make yourself a promise to use the said item for a certain amount of time that feels right for you.
  6. Feel great about keeping our original home—planet earth clean and a little less cluttered. 

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